Stockholm’s most tasty dumplings? Decide yourself!

One of China’s most traditional dishes are the small dumplings, or jiaozi as they are called in Chinese. In China, they are often served from wagons where guests can point out which steam basket they want. It’s a breakfast and lunchtime tradition, while in the western world, the trendy dish is rather served for lunch or dinner.

Welcome to try out our popular dough dishes, which with care and love are made by hand in our restaurants at Östermalm and Hötorget, Stockholm. They are juicy, made with the best ingredients and, above all, free of preservatives. As a filling we offer beef with strong taste, chicken, salmon and vegetarian. Hard to choose? Yes you can mix them.

The filling is rolled into a thin dough, based on wheat flour, while rye flour if you choose the vegetarian alternative. They are then compressed into a small package and steamed first and also slightly fried. Finally dip your dumpling into our two popular sauces: a specially-mixed soy that includes sesame oil and sesame seeds, as well as our popular chilli mayo. Eat your dumplings either as an alone dish or in combination with sushi.

Do you want to sell our dumplings?

Do you have a store that wants to sell handmade dumplings, unlike the factory-made ones in the stores today? We believe that there would be an appreciated addition in your freezer for the conscious customers. Please contact us on 08-661 16 16, and we can discuss what a cooperation might mean. No cooperation is too big or too small.

In the Swedish magazine Topphälsa, dumplings together with sushi qualify for the list of the seven best and more healthy options of fast food.

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“It was absolutely amazing tasty! It’s a completely different thing to eat handmade dumplings! Iwill be returning more than once!”
– Nizze (source: TripAdvisor)

Handgjorda dumplings i olika smaker