What you didn’t know about sushi, read our wiki

Sushi had its breakthrough in Sweden in the 90’s and is now equally recognized in the restaurant world like pizza, Chinese restaurants and Indian food. But you may not know so much about its history and manufacturing? Did you, for example, that in the 700’s, sushi was so expensive in Japan that it was okay to pay the tax with it. Read more exciting facts in our wiki below!

Did you know that…

  • It is believed that the first type of sushi was made 200-700 years after Christ.
  • Originally, sushi comes from southeast Asia, Chinese mainland or Japan.
  • Sushi was eaten entirely without rice.
  • The word sushi comes from the Asian word sour and refers to the fact that the rice gets sour by boiling it with vinegar.
  • In 1979, sushi was served for the first time in Sweden (Stockholm).
  • If your maki has the rice on the outside, you know that you are looking at a Western innovation.
  • The black cover around the maki is made of Algiers and is called nori.
  • Originally seaweed was scraped from the bottom of bridges and boats, dried and pressed to be used for sushi.
  • Wasabi grows in shallow watercourses and it is the bole that you eat
  • At finer sushi restaurants, the chefs prefer to use an older rice. The rice has been dried for at least one year, as it is easier to control the water content of an older rice.
  • The miso soup came to Sweden in the early 1950s.
  • The Latin word for shrimp is Caridea.
  • The salmon is actually a white fish, although the meat of the salmon is reddish, it receives the distinctive red colour from its diet.
  • If you eat sushi in Sweden, the fish has always been frozen to -20 ° C for at least 24 hours to kill any parasites. But in Japan they eat the fish freshly.
  • The Chinese philosopher Confucius had a major impact of the spread of eating with sticks, about 500 years before Christ.
  • To wash and reuse shop sticks is seen by many Asians as unhygienic. This makes the cheap single disposable shop sticks of bamboo by far the most common.
  • You can actually eat sushi with your fingers in Japan, and they should be eaten in one or two bites.

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