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Environment and quality

Environment and quality

Our policy on the Corona virus

For Saya Sushi the safety and care of our customers and employees is top priority. We carefully follow information and advice from the Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) regarding Corona/Covid-19.

We have taken a number of precautions to prevent and ensure the health of our customers and employees and to minimize the concern and risk of contagion in our both restaurants.

We have extended the cleaning routines and continuously view exposed surfaces and, as usual, maintain good hand hygiene with warm water and soap, as well as hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. Also we offer our customers hand sanitizer.
In case of the slightest symptoms of a cold among our staff he/she will be at home.
Our restaurants are open as usual and you also have the option of take-away and home delivery.

Our fish

Only the best is good enough for us and our customers. That’s why we buy all our fish from Bergfalk & co.


Our salmon comes exclusively from Norway, and is Salmon superior class, delivered fresh to our restaurants. As winter approaches, most of the salmon comes from the fjords around Bergen in southern Norway and during the summer months it mostly comes from northern Norway.

Farmed salmon does not need to be frozen before it is eaten raw according to Livsmedelsverket. At Saya Sushi, we always freeze our salmon for safety reasons and as an extra precaution for safe food.

One kilo of salmon requires 1.1 kilos of fodder. For comparison, cattles require 8 kg of fodder for one kilo of beef. This makes salmon a good sustainable alternative.


Our yellowfin tuna comes from the Maldives and is sustainably fished. The method is called ”pole and line” (a kind of bearish fishing rod), which means that only one tuna is caught at a time, which makes fishing very gentle with almost no by-catch. Should you get unwanted fish, it can be dropped back into the water undamaged. Fact Sheet Gulfenad tonfisk / Yellowfin tuna.

Our meat

Our chicken and minced meat origin from Sweden. The yakiniku meat is from Poland.

Black rice

Black rice is better than white rice, which basically only contains carbohydrates. Black rice contains healthy dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein, and helps to  prevent atherosclerosis and DNA damage (protects our arteries and prevent cell damage) which can lead to cancer.

Take away products

We have changed our business to more sustainable alternatives and are constantly working to become even better. We buy our disposable items from Tingstad, which guarantees that all their food packaging is environmentally friendly and has one or more environmental capacity such as fossil-free plastic or FSC labeling.


The products are manufactured using a completely new technology where the wood pulp fiber is extracted and then compression molded. The material makes it possible to produce food-adapted products completely without a plastic barrier. 100% renewable raw material, produced from Scandinavian and certified forest, 75% lower carbon footprint than similar food forms, high recyclability.


This material is fast growing and requires little water and needs no pesticides during cultivation. If you compare the growth rate with, for example, an oak, it takes about 50 years for the tree to grow up and 4-6 years before the bamboo can be felled.


Bagasse is the remaining fibrous material that is left over from sugar production.

Palm leaf

Disposable palm leaf products are made from fallen palm leaves. The leaves are cleaned and then molded into different shapes. No chemical additives are needed and each product is unique.

Wheat straw

Wheat straw is left over when you harvest wheat grains. They can then be recycled and from the material you can make paper-like products such as plates.


Cultivated birch which is a renewable raw material. The degradation time is 60-90 days.

Miljö och kvalité Environment and quality Saya Sushi Miljö och kvalité Environment and quality Saya Sushi Miljö och kvalité Environment and quality Saya Sushi